The Peter Claver Center offers free Karate and Kickboxing classes for A and B Honor Role Students

Internationally recognized and certified karate instructors Grandmasters Ozzie Mitchell, ju dan, 10th degree and Master Peggy Mitchell, ku dan, 9th degree, offer instruction in Shorei and Goju style of karate. 

Shorei and Goju style of karate was brought to this country in 1946 by Master Robert A. Trias, the Father of Karate in America.  

Traditional values of discipline and respect are emphasized while building strong physical skills through exercise, practice and competition. 

Ranks are certified by Sho Go Tae Academy, an internationally recognized organization.

Karate students are eligible  for local, national, and international competitions.

Peter Claver Center Vikings, a Sho Go Tae Academy Team has competed locally, nationally and internationally. They have competed in England, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Mexico and other places.

Peter Claver Center Viking Karate Team performs at many events in the area.  Check the website for demonstration dates.